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    Web pages can be useful but the Internet itself and its technologies can be used to carry out more important things. Why not to exchange data and information directly with your clients, suppliers, branches or partners. It will help you increase the efficiency of information exchange. Many companies make use of these opportunities every day. It's time for You as well to take a powerful instrument for your business development into your own hands.

    Your company hasn't its own corporate identity?
Our company can elaborate\develop a full set of stylish attributes and possible accessories design, work out presentation materials and firm's booklets, catalogues. You should have letter-heads, proper visiting cards as well as stylish attributes by all means.
    The development of distributed Internet systems will not only increase communication speed between separate centers of your enterprise but also raise performance efficiency and automate business processes. To get precise information look through a description of different services provided and send an inquiry to our marketing department.
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Design and makeup               
    Are You in need of a Design solution? Who can you apply to?
To get the correct answer and solution you have to apply to the experts, to those having specialized education and high level knowledge, to those having large practical experience, to those who can offer answers to your questions and services you are looking for.

    Internet-Frigate's team has got such experience. We are experienced at the development of not only logos, page mockup of the Internet sites but also at a wide range of directions in all branches. Industrial design (package, booklets, ergonomics of details), corporate identity\style development, before print preparation of a book mockup, interior design all theses are the activity lines of the "Internet-Frigate's" design department.
    The examples of our operations in the Internet can be corporate identities(styles) and representations of such big companies as "Profil" (Moscow personnel agency), RICOS (The company on production of lubricants for oilgas industry), "RegioDesign" (Regional Institute for business development, Germany), "BVN Engineering" (A large scale supplier and developer of control-measuring devices and apparatuses for GASPROM).
    We deal with You and Your personnel so effectively thus much the quickest goal achievement is possible.

    A list of the developments carried out by us in the field of design:
  • Style development and enterprise policy corporate design (logos, document patterns, presentations);
  • Program product interface design (ergonomics, uniqueness, composition and Your color spectrum);
  • Development of mockup parts design: mockups, graphics elements, buttons and other complex manipulators;
  • Convenient intellectual site surfing;
  • Development of multimedia applications and packages;
  • Development and audit of the site\system content;
  • Audio\Video set-up and installation;
  • CAD/CAE development and implementation of the systems;
  • Computer games development (Testing, modeling, visualizing and designing, animation);
  • Interactive 3D graphics;
  • Before print preparation and installation.
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Web Sites               
    The company "Internet-Frigate" can offer You a corporate Web-site that completely meets all the requirements of electronic commerce.
    The services comprise up-to-date technologies:
       - HTML
       - DHTML
       - Java
       - Beans
       - Servlets
       - JavaScript
       - XML
       - CGI programming and many other things among protected Internet systems and nets of the corporate level.
    Our developments with include active use of Flash technologies, sound, three dimensional modeling and animation with the help of the latest versions of specialized packages.
    Your commerce potential will be brought up to a proper level due to our professionalism and original product design.

    The examples of our operations in the Internet can be corporate identities(styles) and representations of such big companies as "Profil" (Moscow personnel agency), RICOS (The company on production of lubricants for oilgas industry), "RegioDesign" (Regional Institute for business development, Germany), "BVN Engineering" (A large scale supplier and developer of control-measuring devices and apparatuses for GASPROM). A number of our works evidences not only of the level of our technical experts' training but characterizes our marketing, creative and idea potential.

    Make Your own representative office in the Internet.
    Our specialists on information technologies and design can develop Web-sites of various directions and complexity. A qualitatively developed page plays a great role for a target visitor. Badly executed page can frighten Your client off.
    You can add interactive elements to Your site using Flash technology. Such effects will make Your site more attractive and a lot of visitors will want to visit Your pages time and again.
    Our specialists can connect Your page with data base. Such connection will allow You to carry out more operative control over the content of Your pages. The methods mentioned make it possible to avoid the problems connected with expenses on re-organization if you wish to renew the page content. Connection with the data base will allow to save transactions of sale or orders from Your clients.

    You can get acquainted with our works in the section "Projects". Proper handling of the Internet-site can bring much use and plays an important role in Your business.
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Distributed systems               
    The work with Unix и Windows NT platforms gave us a chance to develop and implement serious applications that define information access policy, multi-level safety system, journalizing of all the operations, definition of unauthorized access to the system, firewall protection, testing on refusal and finding out of software weak points. Powerful instruments for e-commerce from on-line shops up to Web-publications, every business trend became dependable from the Internet applications and distributed data bases.
    The "Internet-Frigate's" team will supply you with all necessary facilities and specialists capable to develop powerful applications for e-commerce. XML or extensible Markup Language is a language for e-commerce and at the same time a set of instruments of the next generation to exchange and transfer information in the systems with different architecture. The technologies installed into XML and SQL servers make it possible to simplify the integration of final systems and increase data transfer efficiency integrally with the use of modern means of protection firewall.

    The examples of the implemented B2В systems on the basis of Java applications and the latest achievements of Microsoft allow to choose a universal and effective solution to any e-business structure.
    Our solutions also include:
     - Services for an effective analysis;
     - Data handling and information selection\sampling;
     - Analysis based on Web functions;
     - Extended safety system;
     - Indexed arrays;
     - Scaling;
     - Data replication.

    To get more detailed information use our system of service and consultations or look through a list of the implemented projects and their descriptions.
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Hosting and technical auditing               
    "Internet-Frigate" will take care of Your Web-site or Internet system installation and adjustment. We can register the name of a domain for Your company and carry out the hosting of Your site.

    We can:
  • Register Your site in the Internet search system to allow people to find You;
  • Adjust and optimize Your site for optimum loading and operation;
  • Give exhaustive statistics about all the visitors;
  • Create any necessary email account for Your domain;
  • Arrange a convenient email automatic answer-back device to provide instantaneous connection with users;
  • Carry out the maintenance and services of your site;
  • Integrate new systems with already operating modules at Your site;
  • Carry out analysis and data reorganization loss free and without break-downs at Your site;
  • Functionality of the server and its specifications;
  • Main specifications
    For further information address our marketing department.
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